Here I have listed various and sundry projects I have undertaken... Completed, in progress, and abandoned.

In Progress

Project Description
PDApp Awesome Qt-based widget application for a low-power touchscreen system. Displays useful at-a-glance information like weather conditions and email count, as well as a small built in music player.


Project Description Status
countries A little script for helping me learn country capitals. Yeah, I know. Completed
ufmyersbriggs Polled members of UserFriendly for their Myers-Briggs type and visualized the results. Go INTs
WebAMIP WebAMIP is a little extension of AMIP that I made for my site to show the current status of my iTunes player. (See the bottom of the page) It worked.


Project Description
3D AI Tanks A project in very early stages meant to be a 3D adaptation of CROBOTS, and later, JRobots.
Voice Controlled Calculator Using the Google Search API, create a voice interface for the Calculator feature of Google Search.
Contact Manager for Google Using the Google Data API, create an interface to manage the address book associated with a Google account, and enable cross-editing of multiple formats to simultaneously edit a Google and software-based address book.


Project Description Status
asciigraph Experimenting in PHP to make a graphing calculator... in ascii! Only prints sine wave
chatcoder A simple encoder/decoder for text. Encode text with a key, give key to recipient, they decode with key. Buggy
imagemagick Toying around with ImageMagick... I swear it used to work! Broken
phpArchiver Tried making a Zip port for php, for easily zipping directories of a website. Unusable
toolkit Tried making a little toolkit of useful scripts. Barely usable
upstest Toying with the UPS API... not much progress May continue