I really haven't been playing cello for too long, but I had enough experience (three years, that is) prior to be able to pick it up fairly well. Like piano, I lack some formal training (I have had one 30-minute cello lesson in my life) and thus sort of follow my own path - although I am missing out on some fundamentals that keep me from being truly good.

As any competent cellist, I have my copy of Bach's Cello Suites nearby at all times. :) The Suites are indeed very good pieces; many people can recognize at least the Prelude from the first, but it is all enjoyable to listen to.

Over the past two years or so, I have been arranging Metallica's The Unforgiven for viola, cello and bass... to interesting results. There are some cool guitar riffs that come out nicely, but sometimes it gets a bit cluttered. (As is the nature with that sort of music sometimes)

I really wish to persue more the cello, but finding time is getting especially difficult.